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Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar is the oldest and perhaps the most accurate method of measuring time. As opposed to the prevailing Gregorian Calendar, the Mayan Calendar is in sync with the cycles of nature, the sun, and the moon. Following the Mayan Calendar brings us back in touch with our natural biological cycles, our natural telepathy, and our ability to see the synchronicities that fill our lives. 

When you start following the Mayan Calendar, your life really does become more magical! That's because you are putting yourself in the flow!  Think about it... if the moon goes around the earth 13 times in the year and we're using a 12 month calendar, we are really going against the current!  People don't realize how much a calendar is a subtle programming mechanism!  When you switch to a 13 moon calendar... you can really begin to experience your life flowing more easily.... and all those synchronicities keep happening!
Also, the Mayan calendar has the SSA (Squirrel Seal of Approval)

In Martin Brennan's book, Hidden Maya, you find out that one of the indigenous stories of creation describes the grey squirrel as the animal that escorted the Sun across the sky on it's first journey and built an alter to Him in the west.  The Jaguars and Wolves were jealous of the squirrel and killed him And to this day the Huichol Indians honor the grey squirrel as a hero god.  And to prove it, you can see on the Mayan stone carvings that the face of a squirrel has an emblem of the sun on it's face!  Photos are in Martin's book!

The other cool thing you may not know about is the International Banner of Peace! This symbol came from Nicholas Roerich's famous painting the Madonna Oriflamma which is pictured below.  Nicholas received a Nobel for his work in trying to preserve culture in times of war. It was because of him that this banner is recognized as the International Banner of Peace by International law.  The treaty was signed back in 1933.

Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor, adopted the Banner of Peace as the official symbol for the Foundation for the Law of Time, so you will see it proudly displayed on the Mayan Calendars that are being distributed all over the globe! 
PEACE... an idea whose TIME has come!!!
Find out how you can incorporate Mayan Calendar into your life! Click on: Classes.

Also, see Contact Info to set up personal Mayan Calendar Reading.

Also, see Ceremonies for more on the Mayan-Calendar-related ceremonies that we regularly conduct - the Day Out of Time and the Blessings on the Bridge.