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Mayan Calendar/Astrology 



    FALL 2012      

 Level One Playshop

Please contact Julie
if you are interested

Place: 2012 Gathright Cove
Austin, Texas   78704
Time:  1 to 7 PM

Level One Class

What to expect:

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the wisdom of the Ancient Maya!  You will be given personal instruction in decoding your  Galactic Signature which is your Mayan medicine wheel. You will interact with the Mayan glyphs by drawing them and as a result, these ancient light-encoded symbols will raise your consciousness.  The Mayan calendar is a memory activation tool which awakens your Cosmic memory. The class will begin with a channelled message from the Cosmic Maya and will end with a Mayan Blessing Ceremony.  All you need to bring is a pencil with an eraser and 2 birthdates (besides your own) of people you know. Delicious Brazilian coffee and chocolate will be served.

About the instructor:

Rev. Julie Gallagher has worked with the Mayan Calendar since 1995. She was activated into Mayan remembrance in a Crystal Grid in Kona, Hawaii in 1995 on the exact center of the Tzolkin. Julie has taught Mayan Astrology classes in Austin since 1998. She is an ordained minister in the Alliance of Divine Love since 1998 and a Reiki Master-Teacher since 1995.  


$88.00 includes a folder of handouts and a Mayan calendar. Class is limited to 6 people. Please call Julie to register by June 15th.  It takes time to prepare the folder of handouts and so it is not possible to just "jump into" a class. You can call Julie at 512-448-2374 or email:  

More Information:  

Here is a link that is very helpful in preparing you for this class:

    If you are interested in attending a Mayan Calendar class, but the date listed above doesn't work for you, please Contact Us to express your interest.

Level Two Class

Don't worry if you can't remember the work we did in level one. There will be a review of the first class and any questions you might have about the workings of the calendar will be answered.  We will explore each glyph and meditate with them.  We will visit each tone and explore the Aztec and Cherokee names for each glyph.  We will explore the ally relationship and the role played by all the glyphs in your personal Mayan medicine wheel.  This will be a fun way to let these ancient symbols raise our consciousness!

Class Materials:  Please do bring your folder from the level one class.  You will also be given a folder with the level two information.  Please bring a pencil with eraser and any birthdates you would like to decode.  We will have Mayan coffee and chocolate and participate in sacred ceremony.

(Date to be announced.)