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Squirrel Financial Aid    

     There are a lot of ways people choose to help the environment.  We recycle, we conserve water, buy hybrid cars, etc.  Another great way is to feed the squirrels.  Did you know that little squirrels have been planting trees for millions of years and in part are responsible for the air we breathe?  And yet, some people consider them as "pests"! As we grow in our appreciation for the animals on this earth, let's give a little to help care for the injured and orphaned squirrels!  Any donations you would like to make are so deeply appreciated.  You can mail them to:

     Rev. Julie Gallagher, 2012 A Gathright Cove, Austin, Texas, 78704.  

Also, all monies from squirrel refrigerator magnets, squirrel t-shirts, and posters are used for the care and feeding of the squirrels of Austin.  This includes rescues inside the house,  neighborhood squirrels,  and squirrels at the park. If you ever would like to experience hand feeding a little squirrel, please call Julie @ 512-448-2374....   it's an experience of pure love that you won't want to miss!