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Crystal Healing

Crystals are the Earth's natural storehouses of energy and information for healing and transformation. Julie is a graduate of Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy on the island of Kauai.  She offers individual sessions which combine Reiki and Crystal Healing which is called "Laying on of Hands Over Stones". This modality balances your chakras and infuses your energy bodies with compassion and Divine comfort.  Julie also teaches five levels of  Crystal Healing Classes:   The wonderful thing about healing with crystals and stones is that you can learn to do this for yourself anytime you need to come back into balance!  The classes are extremely thorough and after completing the first level, you are welcome to take any of the other class offerings.  
Individual Crystal Healing Sessions
Crystals are placed on each chakra and at the feet for grounding to Mother Earth. An Invocation is then recited to call in the Divine Beings such as the original Reiki Masters, Archangel Michael, and ascended masters such as Kwan Yin or the Christ for assistance. Then Reiki energy healing is applied to each chakra directly over the crystal.  Only the perfect amount of energy goes into each chakra for the recipient's well being.  Subtle body alignments, entity or implant removal can also happen in the session, if needed .  The session lasts about 1 1/4 hours.
A Oneness Blessing is also given if desired.
Cost of Each Level is $275. which does NOT include the stones 
you will need for the layouts.  These classes are experiential and  you will receive the list of stones to bring when you register. If you would prefer to use my stones for the layouts, you can do so for
an additional $75.... bringing the total tuition to $350.
Each class is limited to 4 students.
For more details or to register, please contact Julie at:
                                     Phone: 512-448-2374
                                     Email:  squirrelady@gmail.com
Level One:   This is the Basic Class that compliments your Reiki practice!
Crystal Healing Basics / Chakra Balance Layout, Chakra Charge Layout, Flourite Octahedron Layout, Past Life Layout
Level One
     Saturday July 21st and July 28th
2 to 7 pm
Level Two:   Hematite Layout, Calcite Layout, Causal Chakra Activation Layout, Unified Heart Chakra Layout
 Level Two
Saturday July 14th and Friday July 27th
2 to 7pm
Level Three:   (3)Aura Infusion Layouts, Creating Grids, Understanding Sacred Geometry
Level Four:   Light Body Layout, Ascension Layout, Archangel Layout, Galactic Mayan Layout
Level Five:
Integrating New Frequencies Layout, Threefold Flame of the Heart Layout, Embracing the Darkness Layout,  Receiving Grace Layout
Once you are signed up for a class, there is a 7-day cancellation period  prior to the day of class.  Without sufficient notice, you will be charged for that day's fee. ($137.50)

You can see pictures of some of Julie's Crystal Grids, which are basically healing art:

Crystals are storehouses of light, information and energy and connecting to a grid by gazing at it can give you healing energy.  If you are intrigued, you can Contact Us.