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A Peaceful Planet

The squirrels... they meet in lively conversation; They have a mission -to save this planet!

They chatter all about our situation - here on this planet, this suffering planet.

They fear the time is near for our extinction, if they don't help us!

They worry that mankind will never listen to their squirrel voices!

So, squirrels around the world are marching into the battlefields to meet the soldiers.

They're taking all the guns and ammunition and give them sacks of pecans and walnuts.

They teach them how to nurture one another and all the creatures;

The soldiers are beginning to see the folly of hurting others!

And so, indeed the future will be different than was expected...

There won't be any reason to be violent when every being is feeling happy!

And now the world will once again return to a peaceful planet...

The squirrels will have accomplished their great mission - to heal the planet!

The squirrels are here to tell you it can happen: A world of joy, where all are happy....

A peaceful planet!


The melody for this song is an old Italian Folk Song... click to listen!

Ode to Be a Squirrel Again!

Oh to be a squirrel again; flying through the trees. How they run and play and swing, with a multitude of ease... flying through the trees!

Oh to be a squirrel again; running free and wild.  How I miss the good ol' days when I was a squirrel child!  Yes, those were the good ol' days running free and wild.

Oh to be a squirrel again; I see it in their eyes.  The beauty of the earth and sky and so I eulogize... the bliss to be a squirrel again and live in paradise!

Oh to be a squirrel again; an angel from above; who's come to plant this earth of ours with seeds of joy and love.  The squirrels are really tree angels that come in peace and love!


If you see a baby squirrel; call out to him a sweet, sweet song. and he will run to you straight-away.  And you may feed him nuts and things, but truly he enjoys your song!

Oh to be a squirrel again; running free and wild.  How I love these good ol' days as I am a squirrel child!  Yes, these are the good ol' days and I am a squirrel-child!

Listen to the Squirrelady sing this song at the Nobody event in Ojai, Calif!

The Most Beautiful Squirrel in the World

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful squirrel in the world? And if you did, was she crying, crying?

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful squirrel who ran out on me;  tell her I'm sorry... tell her I'll buy more pecans.  Oh, won't you tell her that I miss her!

I woke up this morning and I realized what I had done! Forgot to lock the door on her cage...  now I've lost my morning sun!

I didn't know I would feel this sad! She was the best squirrel I've ever had.  But all in all it's not so bad; 'cause I know I still love me!

So hey... if you happen to see the most beautiful squirrel that ran out on me:  Tell her I'm happy... tell her I'm glad she's free!  Yes; that's the way squirrels should be!